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CeS Inspections LLC is Houston’s highest rated home Inspection company for a reason. Our home inspection services for the Greater Houston area will provide you with an unbeatable service at a competitive rate. We work hard for you. Our home inspectors take you and your family’s safety very seriously. Our work ethic and professionalism will shine, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your home inspector. Don’t hire another Houston home inspection company without giving us a call…you’ll be glad you did!

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New Home Inspections (Resale)

Every home has a certain level of defects. Have CeS Inspections LLC conduct a methodical evaluation of the core structural components and mechanical systems within your home. Purchasing a home without hiring a quality home inspector is extremely risky. This is not the time to find a bargain, you do not win by paying less. Some defects are latent, taking time to develop into a costly issue. Some issues are low cost, but could be a life safety hazard for you and your family if not corrected. Of course, some home’s have active defects that, if undisclosed, could cost you many times the cost of the home inspection.

If for any reason CeS Inspections LLC is not a fit for you, we strongly urge you obtain the services of another Houston home inspection company. We are confident that if you do your homework and select one of the more reputable Houston home inspectors, you will find the true value in your home inspection. Remember, not all Houston home inspectors are the same!

Our Home Inspection Report

Upon completion, you will receive a thorough on-site summary to help answer any of your questions and concerns. Your report will be compiled and delivered within 24 hours in most cases so you can maximize your option period.

  • Delivered within 24 hours, barring anything emergent
  • We include vivid photos of all the necessary defects along with diagrams to further explain the item in question
  • We help itemize the defects for your convenience. Major, notable, maintenance, and safety defects will be itemized within each system. You will also have the option to summarize and itemize each defect with the click of a button
  • We use reputable references and manufacturer specifications within our report to help with negotiations
  • Our reports can be viewed on most any device with a proper internet connection. There is no need to print the report unless you’d like, in which case you can instantly convert to a PDF with the click of a button
  • We will save your report in our database for a minimum of 2 years, and up to 5 years just in case

Do not underestimate the negotiating power and peace of mind that comes with a first-class home inspection report!

Fully Certified

Our Home Inspections incorporate the strategies and techniques taught by C.e. Schultz while serving as a Ranger Instructor at the United States Army Ranger School. That is why our Houston home inspection company is the most efficient and methodical home inspection company around.  Additionally,  your Houston home inspectors continually conduct research in model home building and related fields of study.  Call CeS Inspections LLC today to book your Houston home inspection.

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New Home Construction Inspections (Phase)

Today’s average site supervisors are quite adept at scheduling their tradesmen and providing the right amount of materials for the job. They have little time to monitor the quality of work on your new home. Hold your builder accountable for his work. Hire a Professional home inspector and remove all doubt about the quality of construction in your new home.

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Shedding light on your new home inspection

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Concrete foundation (Pre-pour) Inspections

Additional Home Inspection Services

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

It is important to know what you are looking for in a Houston home inspection company. If you don’t need a methodical inspection that has a high return on investment, I’m afraid we will not be a good fit for your needs. Some home inspection companies will deliver, on-site, a report comprised of no more than two hours of observational data collection. You will find that these Houston home inspectors have an industry low cost, with industry low services. They are cheap because they inspect-and-forget; scrambling for the door en-route to whomever is next.

However, there yet remains a dedicated class of Professional home inspectors that strive everyday to improve their companies standards and product value. As a higher level home inspection company, we cultivate a long lasting professional relationship and an appreciation for your trust and business. I believe you get what you pay for. That is no excuse for inflating the cost of any product, yet the fact remains that we all pay more for superior service. I believe in my home inspection method, and I believe in a fair market value. Your inspection is not just another house, it’s your home, and I strive to ensure that it is safe and efficient. Trust me with your business and I guarantee you will go into the closing of your new home informed and prepared for your future purchase.

Thank you for considering us as your Home Inspector.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, feel free to contact us.

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